Scout Series

Introducing the NEW Scout Series to Northern Towers’ Mobile Tower Line-up


Northern Towers is proud to introduce our most compact trailer to date, the Scout. The Scout currently has the smallest footprint in our line-up of portable towers, making it ideal for tight deployments, and boasts the same extremely rugged industry-leading toughness all our towers are known for.


  • Scalable from 4 ft. to 8 ft., which allows a vast inventory of payload to be carried on the deck
  • Hand cranked, winch operated or electric motor for heavier payloads
  • Heights of up to 75 ft.
  • Guy lines optional depending on height and weight/sail of payload
  • 150 lb to 750 lb based on deployment device chosen
  • Payload supports small antennas, cameras and data monitoring equipment, to heavier devices such as large lighting systems
  • Deck space for enclosures, generators, fuel tanks and much more
  • Can be configured and designed to customer needs
  • Deploys in under 30 minutes
  • Single or double axle options